Update: Couch co-op and controller support available

Couch Co-op and Controller Support is now available!

Previously we had online multiplayer where you input the host's IP address to join game. We realized that it imposed security risks and it's also not the most efficient way to have online play. As of now, only local co-op is available for the demo. However, our plan is to have online multiplayer when we release on Steam. The game's difficulty is scaled to 2 players. Single-players will have a challenging but fun time!

Patch notes:

  • Changed the camera to panning which ensures that you see all the bullets coming your way
  • Changed the weapon and buff upgrade system
  • Changed Shaman enemy 
  • Changed Boss 
  • Changed procedural generation of the levels
  • Updated tutorial
  • Added controller support
  • Added local co-op


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97 days ago

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