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Kungfu Cowboy is a co-op roguelike action platformer

Play as ‘A-Pa,’ a kung-fu master and a notorious cowboy, who loves to drink but must dash his way through the treacherous desert and fight against foes in order to get to the saloon on the other side.

**This is a prototype and not representative of the final game.**


  • Play as single-player or local co-op 2-4 players, with controller support
  • Jump off walls and kungfu dash your way through challenging platforms
  • Headshot enemies for precision kill and dodge attacks by dashing
  • Gain 'qi' as you progress and upgrade to stronger weapons and buffs
  • Procedurally-generated levels and permadeath challenge you to git gud

Current build only has Level 1, but we have a lot more content lined up for the full version including new themed-levels, new enemies, unlockable characters, secret quests with NPCs, challenge runs, crazier weapons, and more.

Email list | Twitter @soyboygames | Discord  | Website

Our game was featured on Escapistmagazine.com!

Controls for keyboard:
W,A,S,D to move and control dash
Use mouse to aim gun 
Left click on mouse to shoot 
Tap Space to short hop/Hold Space to long jump
Hold Space while airborne to dash 

Controls for controller:
Left joystick to move and control dash
Right joystick to aim gun
LB/LT to jump and dash
RB/RT to shoot
A to interact
- We highly advise against using a Gamecube controller because the grooves along the C-stick make it hard to aim. We added the option to remap the controller buttons, but suggest playing with default settings for optimal gameplay.

Note: We recommend that you start off with the tutorial before proceeding to play the game

Kungfu Cowboy is in development by Soy Boy Games
Made with Unity
Art by Jacky Huang
Music by Daniel Bernal

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the file 
  2.  Go to KungfuCowboy folder
  3.  Run KungFuCowboy Application


KungfuCowboy.zip 51 MB

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I love this so much!! It's chaotic, it's tough, it's fast paced, and it handles really really well!! Good job!! I'm excited to see this grow!!

Thank you for checking out our game and for your video! We had a blast watching you play! :D

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Good one
Deleted 61 days ago

We need more fart guns in games. It was fun, difficult and I think would be really interesting with more players.

Thanks for playing our game and for your video!

This game is extremely fun, I think I'll need to get a controller to really play this game properly and find a few friends that would like to play on a single PC. Reminds me of my N64 days (largely the 90s) type side scrolling shooter game. I rage quit though.

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Hey Panda Bum! Thank you for playing our game and for your video! We are happy to hear that our game reminds you of N64 games!

Okay I've check it out, and here's a few thing I should say about the game. It seems and has the potential to be a fun party/co-op games with the current game mechanism right now, but not so much for single player with the lack of check point/health/extra health and that you've to restart from the beginning when you lost. I suggest you make it more like Metal Slug, where the player has a chance to gain extra health/lots of extra health so they can keep continue playing until the end or try to make it like Castle Crasher, where you can put some short checkpoint so that player can continue from those check point they've reach.

In a wacky party sense, it's a good game. Perhaps makes the character more bigger so player are able to see it more easier.

Thanks for playing our game! Our game is a roguelike so permadeath is part of the gameplay, but we definitely want to add some roguelite elements where you can keep parts of progress like unlocking new weapons and such.


Well this turned out to be quite the delight!

Sometimes it's hard to read just how a game is going to play until you actually boot it up and dive in, and this game is one of those that ends up being so much more fun than you could have possibly imagined!

Where to start? Well, first off the learning curve from the tutorial level to starting off proper is just right. You get taught all the ins and outs in an efficient manner and whatever other little titbits are left to be learned can be picked up pretty easily on the fly.

The variety of different enemies and weapons is great, and I have a feeling that as the development of this game continues we'll only see that expanded upon! Plenty of wily bad guys to battle and plenty more shooty bang-bangs to pop 'em with!

The random generation of each screen was something I wasn't expecting. It actually took me a little while to realize that you weren't just trekking through the same screens each playthrough, that's how subtle it is! Either that or I'm just terribly perceptive... yeah that's probably it. Whatever, it's another awesome aspect of the game!

This one definitely gets my seal of approval, and anyone who's into side-scrolling shoot-em-ups with big heaping helpfuls of weird thrown into the mix better get strapped in and ready for one heck of a ride! =)


Hey Mikey! Thank you for playing our game and for your feedback! We loved watching you play :D

Played some of Kungfu Cowboy on my own channel! 

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Heya Chloe! Thank you for checking out our game! :D


The concept behind this game is really fun. We can't wait to see what sort of content and polish comes out of it! The co-op aspect of this game is a 10/10 experience.

Thanks for playing our game! We had a blast watching you guys play! 

Now, by playing longer, you acquire the necessary skills to play better and it doesn't seem so difficult. He had to go back to eliminate the boss.


The game is entertaining but it would be much better if it allowed to keep some of the improvements when dying since it is boring to always start from the beginning. 

I leave my little gameplay where I can't defeat the first boss. I will play again later as I have been wanting to kill him.


i think the point of rougelikes is to lose everything when dyin

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Hey Paco! Thanks for playing our game! As someone already mentioned, our game is a roguelike so you are not able to keep your progress and must start from the beginning after dying. However, we are thinking of adding some roguelite elements where you can keep parts of your progress like when you unlock something. 

Is true. Also as you play and gain skill, it is not so difficult to reach the final boss. What would be very good would be what you comment, get to get something that can give you an initial advantage to choose. Or even select a character at the start and each have a little extra ability.

Yeah some sort of unlockable upgrades would definitely enhance the gameplay. Thanks again for your feedback!


Hard game this is.


This game is very hard, funny and amazing :) i like it! <3

Thanks for playing our game Benn! 


Very relaxing gameplay, didn't even trip on getting too I did lol love to see improvements in the future


Nice gameplay!! Damn the tommy gun with renenade is so OP! We have a lot of interesting and fun things related to the game story that we haven't revealed yet. I hope you stay tuned to see what we have in store for the future! Thanks so much for playing our game and sharing it on your channel!

how exactly do i do multiplayer? there is no host button

The game only has local coop which you can play if you have controllers.

oh, me and my pal are pc.

You guys would play on the same pc and one of you would use a controller. There's no online multiplayer.

so basically i have to have some kind of controller

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Yes you would need at least 1 controller to play coop

didn't know what to expect, but surprisingly fun! great to see coop play and controller support. hope the future development goes well.


Thanks for playing our game and happy to hear that you had fun :D


I got the fart gun! This game is so fun! The controls feel great, the weapons are fun, well done y'all!

Thanks for playing our game! 


Love to play it!

Thank you friend :) We would love to have you join our Discord

I would really love playing this with people over the internet but it's still satisfying to play by yourself. I think a plot could make it a better solo style game unless I just didn't get far enough find out it has one already.


Thanks for playing our early build! We are planning to have online multiplayer when we launch on Steam! Would love to see you play coop in the future :D


Had a great time playing this game, I thought it was really fun! Think it is going to be a great party game when it's all wrapped up. Went ahead and made a video on it as well!

Thanks for playing our early build! We would love to watch you play online coop when we launch on Steam! :D

It's a great game, I just gotta get used to the mechanics! :D

Thanks for playing our game!


We have KunFu Cowboy that can shoot rainbows! Definitely one of the challenging platformers. I can't talk as much because most of the time, i'm concentrating dodging the enemies! Awesome game and need the full version! 

Thank you for playing our game! Your gameplay was flawless! We would love to see you play the full version when we launch on Steam! :D

I do enjoy Platformers like this even though I'm not very good at them 

Thank you for playing our game!

Hey everyone!

I loved this game its been an amazing fun to play it . If you don't know on my channel I try and promote indie games so it was great when the devs got in touch. Appreciate it. Hope you get a chance to check out the games and my video! See you there! 

Keep up the development awesome!


Thank you for playing our game and showcasing indies on your channel :D

Dont mention it hope your game does amazing!


Made a video


Nice!! Our first co-op gameplay video! Thanks guys for playing our early build! :D

the controls r very hard i think i would be better if u make dashing with  the left shift and a good example for that brawlhalla controls

We will add the option to make dash a separate button from the jump in our future update.


really fun game :D

Thank you friend :)


Everything works and i had fun playing it, i loved the soundtrack, the other Daniel did a great job with it XD, my full opinion can be found under the video, thank you Vivian.

Hey Daniel! Thank you for playing our early build! You flew thru the level like a true Kungfu Cowboy :D

Yeah indeed XD, thank you for making this little gem and stay safe.

This was a really fun play. I am currently playing games to research for my own project and this really helped. I feel the movement is a bit slow but it works for this type of game because the camera is zoomed back. The dash helps a lot, but was a bit finnicky and got me killed a lot.

Personally I would increase the default movement speed, and ever so slightly speed up the dash.

I played part of the first level and got the RPG, then the dash and movement speed. I would have liked it if there were checkpoints and save files so I could keep my upgrade progress.

The music and art was pretty good. The sprites were a bit small and hard to see in cases, especially when the action started to heat up.

I liked this game quite a bit.

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Hey there! Thanks for playing our game and for your feedback :) Our game is still in early development so some things may change leading up to our launch. 

Deleted post

Thank you for playing our early build and for your feedback! We are happy to hear that you enjoy the game even though it was short. However, we plan to add A LOT more content in the coming months so I hope you stick around to see what we have in store! Thanks again! 

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the resolution doesn't fit my screen

We just added resolution selection in today's update. Download it again and let us know if that works. 

Works now please add 1280 x 1024

We will add that resolution in our next update. 

We added 1280 x 1024 resolution to today's update


Play through here: 

Review here: Thanks for reaching out the game was a ton of fun! I couldn't figure out how to change the controls not sure if it's in the game yet since it's still early access the Inverted stair case is the bane of my existence, but my only real complaint is that I want to play the full game now! It plays really well and the mechanics make you feel god tier with the invincibility dash. There seems to be a ton of different builds you could do with the power ups that seem to look better with different weapons Renegade+machine gun sounded OP  Super excited for the full game and I loved the Bill Burr reference had me cracking up cause I joked about it and when I went back to see another weapon I saw you had made the same joke in game xD
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Hey Fluffey! Thanks for playing our early build! We will definitely add the option to remap the controls later on. Hahaha dude I love Bill Burr too so I'm happy that you caught that reference. We would love to have you join our Discord or email list to get notified when we launch on Steam.


Love your art style,Love your boss, love alot of stuff in your game 

Thank you friend!


I need to find someone to try co-op too, one player with an RPG, one with a shotgun... unstoppable. :)


Thanks for playing our early build! We would love to play with you when we have online co-op in the future! 

Oh, you'll have online co-op too? That's great. :)


Yes, we plan to have online co-op when we launch on Steam!


still liked it after the patch, needs more fart gun (lol chuckle chuckle)

i do think I got the most busted build 

Hahaha the fart gun with the 50% headshot remover is too OP!! Thanks for playing our demo! 


I had a really great time playing this with a controller to be fair, made a short cut down version of my gameplay with the full version to be uploaded in a few days. It's definitely worth a go!

nice you did this one too Sammy?

what was your favorite weapon 

yeah I did, fart gun all the way! How about you?

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Thanks for your video! Can't wait to see the full version!


It's a weird wild west out there and it looks like the Kungfu Cowboy is the only one crazy enough to run, jump, leap, and shoot through it to die a lot and eventually make it to his favorite drinking hole. I played solo for now, but it definitely seems to have potential for multiplayer antics. The music is pretty good, too.

Good job, devs.

Thanks for playing our demo! Funny you mentioned space aliens because we are currently working on a space alien level called Area 49!


Totally sick game!! I actually played it on my channel, here's a video if you want to check it out:

Very fun to play!!


Thank you for playing our demo! Controller support is now available!

loving the controller support!! 


Fart Gun is the best! Headshot damage only with piercing capacity? YES.

Thank you for trying out our demo! The fart gun was my wife's idea so got to give credit to her haha. We plan to add more weapons in the future too!